How to keep your system secure.

If you haven't already done so, go to and download the recommended security programs listed under the Security section.

For Antivirus here's what we recommend:
If you're running Windows 7 we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. It's at the top of the list with what looks like a circus tent with a flag on it and it's titled "Essentials".
If you're running Windows XP use either Avast or AVG.
Antivirus programs will install and run in the background, you just need to keep an eye on them for any messages they might have that needs your interaction.

For Spyware and Malware Protection we recommend Malwarebytes and Spybot 2. For extra protection you might want SuperAntiSpyware as well. It's listed at the bottom of the list as Super. It's not necessary to buy the premium versions of these programs, the free versions will do all you need.

After Malwarebytes finishes installation, run the program and look for the line that says Database Version: If it's not up to date, click on the "Update Now" link at the right end of the line.
After it finishes checking for updates, run a scan. Click the big buttion that says "Scan Now" at the bottom of the window.
That will initiate a threat scan. Give it time to finish and if it finds anything have it remove the threat.
Note that depending on what it found, it might restart your computer after removing the threat, so be prepared for that. If your computer restarts, just come back to this webpage to continue the instructions.
Pay no attention to the little red dots on Malwarebytes main window, they're just there to encourage you to buy thier premium services, which you don't really need.
If Malwarebytes found a lot of serious threats other than tracking cookies you should run all the other anti-spyware programs as well.

The new Spybot 2 is a little more complex. Look at the interface and look for the update icon. Click it to open the update window.
That window will show you the last update. Click the update button in that notification area to download the latest updates.
After the updates finish, close the update window.
Back on the main Spybot window click on the Immunization icon. Click the check system button in the window that pop's up.
After the Immunization check finished, click on the Apply immunization button.
After that finishes close the Immunization window.
Now you're ready for a system scan. Click System Scan back on the main window. That will open a System Scan window showing your last scan. Click the Start a Scan button.
After it finishes, click the button "Show scan results". Make sure everthing listed is checked off then click the button in the lower right corner of the window "Fix selected". have it remove anything it finds. Once again, it may restart your system.

The same principle applies to SuperAntiSpyware: update, scan system, remove results.

If you regularly scan your system you will keep threats from building up. However there is NO software out there that will 100% keep you from getting infected if you don't use safe browsing habits.
Don't open email attachments unless your 100% sure what they are. Don't respond to pop-up ads or notifications. Pay no attention to webpages that say you need updates or something is out of date.
If Adobe Flash and Java need updating then Click here to safely update your Runtimes (Java, Flash, etc.)

If you ever are confused or have a question about something feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to help.